About us

So, you’ve landed on our New Look Models page
but are unsure of who we are?
It’s understandable! Allow for us to explain further.

Who We Are

We proudly stand as the leading support service in the UK, offering comprehensive assistance to those with aspirations in the modelling and entertainment industries. We serve as the premier resource for individuals eager to embark on their journey but unsure of how to take the first step. In addition to our ongoing guidance, we provide practical support to help you evaluate your potential in modelling or entertainment and can aid in crafting your own professional portfolio.

Why choose us?

Leveraging our extensive 15-year experience, we have mentored individuals of all ages who dream of turning their modelling and entertainment aspirations into reality. We’ve played a pivotal role in assisting numerous aspiring talents as they venture into these dynamic fields. Once you’ve gained confidence in your modelling or entertainment potential and have created a polished, professional portfolio, you’ll be well-prepared to connect with other creative professionals in the industry, explore online opportunities, and approach modelling agencies and talent representatives with confidence.

The Reality

Success in the modelling and entertainment industries isn’t guaranteed for everyone, and our assessments have revealed that not all individuals are suited for these career paths. Modelling and entertainment demand specific qualities that not everyone possesses. However, regardless of the outcome, we are here to offer guidance and advice to help you make informed decisions and explore other avenues within these exciting industries.