What Is Commercial Modelling and the Entertainment Industry?

Commercial modelling and the entertainment industry encompass fields that hire individuals to showcase products, services, or talents. These industries aim to connect relatable people with audiences, allowing consumers to envision themselves using products, enjoying services, or appreciating the skills and talents of individuals in various entertainment sectors.

Seeking the Right Agency and Opportunities?

Embarking on a career in the modelling or entertainment industry can be challenging and bewildering. However, rest assured, we’re here to provide comprehensive support. As a prominent support service in the United Kingdom, we’ve been guiding aspiring talent for over 15 years, helping them realise their potential, secure agency contracts, or confidently pursue freelance opportunities.

At New Look Models, we offer guidance on your potential, pinpoint niches that align with your strengths, and, if you’re dedicated to pursuing a career in the modelling or entertainment industry, assist you in crafting and establishing your personalised, professional portfolio. We go beyond just modelling and extend our services to those interested in the talent and entertainment sectors, ensuring that you have the resources and knowledge to excel in your chosen path.

Moreover, we provide information on casting agencies, which offer a unique opportunity compared to traditional modelling agencies. Casting agencies broaden your horizons by presenting more choices for roles in the entertainment, television, and movie industries. This diversity can be a valuable asset, opening doors to a wider array of opportunities and helping you make the most of your talent and potential in the world of entertainment. Whether you aspire to shine as a model or seek success in the talent and entertainment arena, we are here to support your journey.
We possess more than 15 years of experience collaborating with emerging talents in the industry.

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We can help you build a professional portfolio – budgets to suit.
We can help you build a professional portfolio – budgets to suit.


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